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    Focused Ion Beam system uses LMIS(Ga) as the ion source. Ga ions will be accelerated and focused in ion beam. The ion beam can be controlled by the static scanning plate to finish specific location on surface. After the interaction between the ions and the surface, secondary electric signal will be used to form SE image. With high ion beam current, FIB can sputter off material from surface. It can do micro-machining, metal deposition and selective etching.

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   Ion Beam Technology Co.,ltd. is specialized in the focused ion beam technology (Scanning Ion Microscope) applications in IC industry.We provide professional failure analysis services to the Integrate Circuit (IC) microelectronics, photonics, nano-material research. We focus our technology development in IC circuit modification, failure analysis and focused ion beam applications.Our mission is to provide the best service for our customers. Customer satisfaction is our goal. Our company is dedicated to bring to our customer the most reliable and accurate analytical services. 》more

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Specialized in 0.18um or smaller geometry IC
Low resistance FIB inter-connection for analog IC clip
Long distance low resistance cross chip connection


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